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The Crew

5 weeks
August 12, 2019
4 Week Photo Shoot
August 5, 2019
3 Weeks - 1st Outing
July 27, 2019



5 weeks


4 Week Photo Shoot

This week has had a lot of new experiences and growth for our puppies. They have been introduced to food other than moms, a mix of dry puppy food blended into a type of smoothie with water and a healthy supplement, much to the pleasure of momma Remi only having to feed half as much. We had some visitors over the weekend, families that own pups from our previous litter spent some time with us and the puppies got to experience some other people in their lives. We also had a family visit, that will be taking one of these pups to their forever home and from the visit we can tell that will be one lucky pup. During the weighing and the photo shoot, the pups got to spend their longest outdoor experience. All of the pups spent time looking at new things, grass, dirt, bugs, sticks and tires to name some of it, all the while keeping close tabs on where the big dogs and their humans were. It was a very joyful day and we made it in right as the rain began to fall. Random week 4 photo pics included.


3 Weeks - 1st Outing

We made the quick attempt to get them out today! 14 dogs are tough to wrangle. So it was quick. Not a lot of images captured but will attempt to get individuals with their color collars on tomorrow.



Natalie & Devin - FERN

We loved the process of getting our sweet griff, Fern, from Silverback Griffs. Communication was great from the day we first talked till the day we picked up Fern (and even after!). Our dog has the greatest temperament, was well adjusted when we got her, and has been the best addition to our family. She’s a real love - by far the best dog I’ve ever had!  Can’t recommend Silverback Griffs enough!  

Cam & Meagan -FINN

We love the Silverback Griff crew! It's hard to believe that a little over two years ago marks when we met Rich, Elizabeth, their pups and who would eventually be an addition to our family - Finn. Rich and Elizabeth were so wonderful with their communication and made our first meeting with them and the dogs so easy - we knew we were going to be friends from then forward. As new owners of a hunting dog, both Rich and Elizabeth were more than happy to take phone calls and questions when we brought Finn home with us where we felt we needed backup. Additionally, we have had a number of great, ongoing experiences with training in the field that Rich leads due to his wealth of bird dog and general hunting background. Elizabeth is amazing with a camera and has caught a number of great memories for us - we have such a blast! Finn just turned two and it has been the best experience we could have asked for. He is the most loving, loyal and energetic pup - there is never a dull moment with him as a part of our family. We are so blessed to have Finn and the whole crew at Silverback Griffs in our lives and look forward to making many more memories with them all.

The Thomas Family - RANGER

Ranger is precious.  She is smart and gentle.  She loves to follow our 9 year old boys wherever their adventure takes all of them.  Her happy place is sitting on the Stand up paddle board.  When the SUP gets put near the edge of the water, she will wait patiently on the board not to be left behind.  (She also loves the water.) We haven’t taken her hunting yet, but she did point for a moose the other day, and obeyed when we told her to stay close.  She loves watching the birds and will visually track them through the windows.  She has been to the shooting range and loud noises are no problem.  Elizabeth and Rick continue to stay in touch and are available for training questions.  We live 45 miles away and were lucky to be able to spend time with the litter until Ranger was old enough to bring home.  Being close also allows us to continue to see all the dogs at Silverbackgriffs.  My husband is looking forward to hunting with Ranger this fall.

Benny - WALTER

My experience with Silverback Griffons was one I will never forget. When I first went to see the pups I felt welcomed into their Griff family. The choice was easy from there. Ever since receiving my Griff (Walter) we've been included in everything. The day I picked up Walter we were sent home with a care package to make the transition easier. Every birthday and Christmas we have received cards and even a handmade collar from Rich and Elizabeth. We are welcomed with open arms anytime we are able to stop and say hello and always feel welcome to schedule hunts or trainings with Rich and Elizabeth. Walter has been a dream. He's extremely driven, loyal and well tempered. I have yet to take him in a public setting without stopping to talk to someone about him. He's a family member at home and machine in the fields. Training him has been a pleasure and an awesome learning experience for myself and Walter. He gets invited to hunt for friends and family on a regular occasion throughout the season due to how thorough and well minded he is. He has been great alone and worked fantastic with any dogs he's been in the field with. I owe my hunting companion and family member to Rich and Elizabeth at Silverback Griffons. The experience of getting Walter and everything after has been incredible. It means a lot to know that they're as invested in the futures of their Griffs as they are with their own. Their Griff family mean a lot to them and it really has shown! Thank you guys!! -Benny

Molly & Kellie -MILLIE

I could not have asked for a better experience than I had with Rich and Elizabeth. We were looking for a goofy, upbeat, family friendly dog and we found a little family of our own with Silverback Griffs. We have hunted with them, taken the dogs out to the River, and just spent time together. We know that we are always welcome to come down and spend time with our Griff family. Best of all, we have a happy and healthy Griffon. Our girl Millie is smart, beautiful, loves to hunt birds and run every day, and cuddle and relax at night. We couldn't recommend Silverback Griffs more highly if you're looking for a high quality, great temperament, sweet and smart bird dog.

Lily & Billy - LOKI

Loki has been a wonderful addition to our family. He has a great temperament, loving and playful and extremely smart- we couldn’t have chosen a better family dog. The Devenneys' loving and professional care of their dogs is a testament to how great the puppies are. They were very informative, keeping us up to date while Loki was a puppy as well as sharing training guides and WPG advice. We are proud to have a Silverback Griff and think Loki is just the best!

John and Sandy - ANNIE

My husband fell in love with the breed while on a trip to Alaska. I was checking on line because we don’t have many Griffs in the Indianapolis area. I came across Silverback’s website. Rich was always responsive, even FaceTiming us to see the pups. They even kept Annie a little longer for us because we were scheduled to be in Colorado four weeks later. 

We met Rich, Elizabeth, Trooper, Gracie, Remi and our precious Annie Girl at their vet’s office. We were so happy for the chance to meet Annie’s parents. We are forever connected to this wonderful family.  They are so helpful, knowledgeable and kind and they care deeply about their dogs. 

As for our Annie Girl...she is a magnificent dog. She is so smart, so loving, so loyal. We have had a lot of dogs in our lifetime, none compare to Annie ♥️